About Us

Proven Investigations is a Florida based Private Investigations Agency. Our benchmark is success through consistency. To accomplish your objectives, we employ a diverse team of professionals with various specialties. Since our inception, we have attracted and fostered prominent clients who demand results based on proven, time-tested methods. Through a history of carefully planned and sustained growth, we have deliberately focused on a select clientele, giving each individual and their cases the attention they deserve.

We are committed to providing the highest quality services while always keeping our clients’ best interests and reputation in mind. Providing quality, efficient and cost-effective services on a consistent basis is a priority of every staff member. We treat all clients with respect and approach every endeavor impartially and with an open mind. We dedicate our full resources to accomplishing our clients’ goals.

Private Investigations is not our hobby or pastime, it is our career - and we take it very seriously. Our success is attributed to our ability to build long term relationships with our clients. That can best be accomplished by providing the client with results that are better than they expected, quicker than they expected, and more cost-efficient than they expected.

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