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Infidelity Investigations
5 signs your partner is being unfaithful
Trying to figure out if your loved one is cheating can keep you up at night. Look for these telltale signs before calling our office for an infidelity investigation:

Your partner isn’t as physically intimate with you
Your partner is suddenly more possessive over their phone
Your partner starts accusing you of cheating
You find items that aren’t yours, or theirs, in their car
Your partner stays out later and can’t be reached when they’re gone

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, don’t jump to conclusions. Find out for sure with an infidelity investigation from Proven Investigations. Call our Fort Lauderdale office at 954-629-6595, or our Pensacola Beach office 850-528-6121 now to schedule a consultation.

Child Custody

Personal Injury

Employee Misconduct
Find out if corruption is running rampant in your company
Corporate investigations throughout the state of Florida, with offices in Pensacola and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Protect you entrepreneurial dreams from mismanagement before it becomes a major issue with a corporate investigation conducted by experienced PI's. Proven Investigations has been uncovering the truth for employers for over 20 years.

Corporate investigations cover all aspects of your company to discover all kinds of information, such as whether or not an employee is stealing or whether a partner is engaging in systematic fraud and embezzlement. Proven Investigations employs PI's to:
Conduct Surveillance
Interview Witnesses
Secure Documents
Complete Research
Perform Background Checks

Maritime Investigations
For over 25 years, our investigators have been assisting cruise lines, cargo carriers, yacht owners, marina and terminal operators, and their insurers and attorneys. We have conduct numerous marine accident investigations and are very knowledgeable in this niche industry. We work with P & I Clubs and other marine insurers, with an emphasis on personal injury and wrongful death suits brought by passengers, crew, and longshoremen. We also have successfully handled cargo theft cases.

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